Bicon, Tricon, & Quadcon


Rent or Buy Bicons, Tricons & Quadcons across the Southwest including Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Amarillo Texas

Maloy Mobile Storage is pleased to announce it has expanded its manufacturing operations to include the construction of Tricon and Quadcon Dry Freight ISO Cargo Containers.

Initially designed and manufactured for use by the United States Armed Forces, these containers are extremely versatile. Tricon and Quadcon Containers also referred to as “Mini-Containers”

Our United States Armed Forces utilizes Tricon and Quadcon containers extensively, but many other agencies such as homeland security, law enforcement, emergency response teams, and many commercial industries use Tricon and Quadcon containers. Applications include portable offices, concession stands, guard shacks, telecommunication shelters, scientific research, and much more.

Tricon and Quadcon containers are time and cost effective; they are built to ISO Cargo Container Standards and are easily transported by any major intermodal system in the world making them perfect for rapid deployment situations. These containers are very strong and durable, the roof, walls, and doors are constructed out of corrugated steel, and the floors are constructed out of heavy steel plate. Containers are also easily repairable.

When logistical ease and integration flexibility are paramount, Tricon and Quadcon containers are the answer, they can easily be outfitted, modified or configured to integrate your equipment, products, materials or services.

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