Delivery Checklist

It is important for you to determine whether our delivery trucks will have sufficient room and access to place your container on the ground at your desired location.

clearancesOur delivery equipment is usually backed into position in-order to drop the container in place. Minimum Clearances

  • The access area must be at least 12 feet wide and at least 125 feet in a straight line. The area
    must also be flat, and free of obstacles to allow the driver to navigate the delivery trailer into place.
  • The combined length of our delivery equipment is approximately 60’ long, and needs the additional length
    of the container plus 20 feet to maneuver the delivery equipment. (60’ + 45’ + 20’ = 125’)
  • Check the entire access path to see if you have at least 20’ of over head clearance from the ground
    to the lowest point of the overhanging item.

Most local governing bodies consider a container to be a temporary structure and no permit is required for the temporary off road use of a storage container. However, building codes vary from place to place. Before purchasing or renting a container you should check with your local building department.