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Every year we help hundreds of customers with mobile storage solutions.  Every once in a while a job comes that we just have to share with others.  Below we have listed some of the more interesting projects we have worked on.   If you have an interesting or complex project contact us and find out how we can help!


Integrated Safety and Security Training and Evaluation Complex (ISSTEC)

Project Description The nationally recognized ISSTEC is a 100’ x 96’- 2 story covered structure with a 40’ x 80’ enclosed mezzanine. The complex is constructed out of 28 containers that are stacked two high in a rectangular shape with a two-story row of containers dividing the complex in half. Major Elements of the ISSTEC […]


Venting Station Container Assembly

MMS Provided and modified a 20 ft. ISO cargo container for use at a Waste Remediation site in Richland WA. An additional venting station was required for testing retrieved waste drums buried in the ground at the Site. The venting station provides the capability for ventilation allowing, for sampling of any potentially hazardous gases (e.g., […]