Storage Trailers


The Standard Van Type Trailers (Semi Trailers) that MMS rents, leases and sells are 28’, 40’, and 45’ long and have swing doors or rollup doors.

Storage Trailers are great for moving and storage! It’s easy, if you are moving into a new home, give us a call
and we will deliver a trailer to your current home or business.

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You Load the Trailer, We Move It

You load your trailer at your own leisure, when you are done, give us a call and we will pick up your trailer and relocate it for you.

If you’re new home is not ready for you to move into, we can securely store your trailer in our gated yard, or we can relocate your trailer to another location of your choice until your new home is ready. When you store your trailer with us in our gated yard, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe. We back your trailer tightly up against another trailer making it virtually impossible to break into.

A great advantage of using our trailers to move is you only need to handle your belongings twice; when you load it, and when you unload it. Live in a small house or apartment? One of our 28’ trailers will be perfect for you. If you have a larger home, or have a large quantity of furnishings, our 40’ & 45’ trailers are what you need.