Venting Station Container Assembly

ch2mhill_main_imageMMS Provided and modified a 20 ft. ISO cargo container for use at a Waste Remediation site in Richland WA. An additional venting station was required for testing retrieved waste drums buried in the ground at the Site. The venting station provides the capability for ventilation allowing, for sampling of any potentially hazardous gases (e.g., hydrogen, volatile organic compounds), and allow hazardous gases to diffuse to a safe concentration.

Major Elements of the Venting Station Container Assembly Include

Per customer requirements, the modified Venting Station is a high-cube (9 1/2 ft. high 20 ft. long, 8 ft. wide) steel ISO cargo container.

The long back side of the container was designed and modified to accommodate two (2) ea 7’ wide roll-up doors to facilitate forklift or conveyor delivery of drums. The opposite long side wall was designed and modified to accommodate one personnel door; two Diamond Shaped windows so operators working outside the container can view inside operations. Two Glove Ports stations were installed located below each window and two “Pass through Airlocks” were installed next to each window.

Each end of the container were designed and modified to accommodate 1 personnel door.

The Awnings that protect operators working at the windows were designed to fold back and lock in place for transportation or storage.

All Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Welder Performance Qualifications (WPQ) records were certified by Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).

Electrical Package includes 1phase, 120/240v, 125amp, Load Center, 120/240v fusible Safety Disconnect Switch, 125/250v, 100amp, 3pole, 4 wire pin and sleeve with back box, 4 – 4’, 2 Bulb Dust Vapor Impact Resistant light fixtures and surface mounted electrical outlets per SOW.

Interior / Exterior Finish

The interior and exterior is painted with Urethane / Alkyd Enamel industrial paint.

The floor is covered with Aluminum Diamond Plate

The Ceiling is insulated with Fiber Glass Duct Board, the paneled with FRP and trimmed with aluminum trim.


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